W100 Annual Conference 2018: Vancouver, Canada

The W100 Annual Conference: Differentiation and the World-Class University

The W100 annual conference is fast approaching, with a range of global speakers already lined up for the event at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver on 26-28 September. Philip Steenkamp, Vice President, External Relations at UBC will be our host.

Join colleagues from around the world (we already have bookings from North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa!) for the annual opportunity to engage in high level discussion and debate about reputation. Book here.

The conference, focused on Differentiation & the World Class University, has a strong Canadian presence, with speakers from UBC including President Santa Ono, Gloria Loree from Destination Canada talking about the success of the country brand, and Niraj Dawar, Professor of Marketing at Western University.

The rest of the world will also be strongly represented, including speakers from Australia, Europe and USA; the University of Washington, one of the world’s leading public universities, will share their brand story. As well as speakers from leading global universities, including University of Sydney, University of Manchester, Utrecht University and University of Toronto, we will be hearing from Hootsuite, the innovative social media company based in Vancouver.

For W100 members, there is a choice of Study Tours, to University of Washington in Seattle prior to the conference, or the University of Calgary afterwards. Places are limited and are filling up fast, so don’t delay in getting your place.


Outline schedule

To help you with planning your trip, please refer to our outline schedule with key locations and timings.

NB that the conference falls into the next W100 Membership Year ie 2018/2019.



Differentiation and the World-Class University

Universities operate in an increasingly competitive global environment, where it is no longer sufficient to describe themselves as simply 'world-class', and 'delivering research to address global problems’. The 2018 World 100 Conference at UBC will explore Differentiation around a series of themes:

Different thinking: Knowing and deciding what makes you different.

Different image: How are universities projecting differentiated brands built on their own particular strengths? 

Different ways to work: How to work in alternative ways with partners including global universities, local communities and industry; 

Different character: Developing focuses for research and engagement work which reflect the local culture and environment in which universities operate.



For advice on accommodation in Vancouver, please click here.