In 2015 The World 100 Reputation Network hosted it's first Discover event, designed to showcase the network to institutions in certain areas of the world. The event also gave members the chance to share presentations about their own experience, both with the network and their university and work with their peers.

2015’s Discover event was based in Amsterdam and featured presentations from network members. This presentation was given by Yasha Lange, Head of Corporate Communications, the University of Amsterdam. Yasha presented slides on his views of the challenges of building and maintaining global reputation, specifically with digital platforms and branding.

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2015 Discover Amsterdam: Digital Platforms & Branding Presentation - Yasha Lange

Yasha Lange is Head of Corporate Communications of the University of Amsterdam, leading the marketing, internal and external communications of the largest University in the Netherlands. He has 10+ years’ experience in corporate communications and PR/media relations in (international) organisations. Prior to this, he worked as editorial chief of a Dutch weekly and reporter for a Dutch daily newspaper