A presentation from the 2015 Sydney conference, hosted by Shane Houston, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Indigenous Strategy and Services, The University of Sydney.

The presentation was entitled ‘Acknowledgement of Country’. 

The presentation looked back at the history associated with the university, including Alumni Charles Perkins the 1965 Freedom Ride on its 50th anniversary. The Freedom Ride was led by SAFA; Student Action for Aborigines.

In February 1965, a group of students (SAFA), led by Charles Perkins, organised the tour to draw attention to the state of Indigenous health, education and housing, and to try and stimulate local action. Through the efforts of the original Freedom ride, it shone a spotlight on the parlous state of Australia’s race relations and is now recognised as one of Australia’s most significant civil rights events.

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2015 Sydney Conference Presentation: Shane Houston - Acknowledgement of Country

Shane Houston leads the institution-wide strategy to advance Indigenous participation, engagement, education, and research, including the Wingara Mura – Bunga Barrabugu strategy.

Shane was previously Executive Director of Systems Performance and Aboriginal Policy with the Northern Territory Department of Health and Families. He has been actively engaged in Aboriginal advancement issues for more than 30 years at a community level, working in government and in a number of international settings, including various United Nations-related activities. He has a long-standing interest in the development of culturally secure health services and systems, and in health economics – especially in finding greater equity in how health systems allocate and use resources. He had previously been a board member of the Lowitja Institute and the Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health.

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