The World 100 Annual Conference at UBC in Vancouver is drawing close, and we are delighted to confirm that innovative social media company Hootsuite will be amongst the speakers.

The Vancouver-based company has built a profile as a leading provider of social media management platforms, and has 15 million users worldwide, including many in the higher education sector.

Hootsuite’s Naqaash Pirani, who works with universities and other organisations on their social media strategies, will be presenting at the UBC conference, using examples from W100 members to analyse what universities are getting right – and wrong – in their social media engagement work. Don’t forget to complete Hootsuite’s Social Maturity Assessment to help cater the plenary and request your individual Social Maturity report.

The recent W100 report on The Digital Approach found that global universities are increasingly focused on developing effective online communications strategies as a central part of their engagement with key audiences. The W100 Twitter Engagement Rank – the latest quarterly edition for all W100 members was published recently – emphasises the growing role of international engagement online.

Other recently agreed speakers for the UBC conference include University of Michigan’s Elizabeth Parkinson, talking about using campaigns to highlight universities’ engagement with society, and Professor  Masahiro Okamoto, Kyushu University, who will focus on the role of reputation in engaging prospective students.

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Mark Sudbury
Head of Global Network Development