World 100 Research

Research focusing on international reputation is one of the main objectives for the World 100 Reputation Network. Research informs practice, explains budgetary decisions, progresses strategy, and enables reputation managers to excel in their jobs. That is why our research projects are much valued by members and are at the heart of what we do.

Reputation is fast moving, and universities are constantly forced to evaluate their actions, friends and audiences. The Network engages in at least one annual research project that pushes forward the boundaries of knowledge around reputation and helps those in charge of their university’s image to understand it, and better amplify it.

Network members benefit from access to current and previous research and members may also share the research with colleagues of the university.

This year's research 

The World 100 International Reputation Tracker

Stemming from the success of the UK Tracker, W100 has begun development on the World 100 International Reputation Tracker.  The International Reputation Tracker pilot will be a taster of what a full International Tracker could provide. Read more here. 

Last year's project

The Role of Reputation in International Partnerships

2018/19's research project focused on how reputation influences the partnerships that universities enter into and how top universities use these links to build global reputation. Read more here.


W100 Social Media Rankings

The W100's first social media ranking, based on Twitter engagement at the world's top 200 universities, launched in 2016 and is updated quarterly.  The ranking table is available online and universities can order bespoke benchmarking reports to explore the detailed data in more depth. Read more here.


W100 Research Library

Our Research Library is the central store of all W100 research reports from 2008 onwards. Click here to read more about previous research projects. Network members can login to the Members' Area to view and download project files.


If you have any questions about our research or have any topics of interest that you would like the Network to explore in the future, please contact Lisa Bould, Research Manager at