Webinar: Taking The Temperature of COVID-19 Part 2

Taking the temp webinar - July 2020

Covid-19 is challenging every university in ways that would have been unimaginable six months ago. This could be the ultimate reputation test. With this in mind, The World 100 Reputation Network has been conducting a monthly survey to shed light on the challenges for reputation leaders in a unique time and chart the journey as best we can.

Join us for a webinar on Thursday 2nd July, 4 PM UK (BST) and 5 PM Europe (CEST)when our experts will discuss the data, and examine how leading global universities have managed reputation and stakeholder engagement activities in the latest phase of the COVID-19 crisis.

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About our speakers:

As well as our own experts below, we will be joined by Juan Manuel Mora García de Lomas, Vice President of Communications at the University of Navarra, who will be discussing his interpretations of the findings and his own experiences of higher education during the crisis. 

His role at the University of Navarra is consists of directing internal and external communication, web development, branding and corporate publications. He is part of the committee on social responsibility, audit and reputation of the University.

Louise Simpson

Louise is Director and Founder of The World 100 Reputation Network. An expert in higher education communications and reputation, she has led projects for many universities and government bodies in the UK, Australia, Japan and Europe to advance university positioning. She has also developed unique tools to monitor and benchmark university reputation, including the World 100 Tracker and University Reputation Audits. Before becoming a consultant, she was involved at the sharp end as Director of Communications for the University of Cambridge, where she managed a wide variety of crises relating to internal and external environments.

Mark Sudbury

Mark is W100's Head of Global Network Development. He led communications and marketing activity at University College London (UCL) for nearly 10 years, helping to build reputation and establish it as a global brand. He has presented at conferences around the world on university reputation, communications, and marketing. He has also played key roles in the networks of Communications Directors at the League of European Research Universities (LERU) and the Russell Group.