University of Indonesia

University of Indonesia

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Universitas Indonesia is a modern, comprehensive, open, multi-cultural, and humanist campus that covers a wide range of disciplines. Established in 1849, Universitas Indonesia (University of Indonesia, or UI) is the oldest university in Indonesia.

Universitas Indonesia (UI) has been recognized as the best university in Indonesia. As a research university it constantly strives to reach the highest achievement in terms of discovery, development and diffusion of knowledge regionally and globally.

Notable alumni include Sri Mulyani Indrawati, an Indonesian economist who has been minister of finance of Indonesia since 2016, Nagita Slavina Mariana Tengker, an Indonesian actor, television host, film producer, and singer, and Soe Hok Gie, an activist who served as the inspiration for a 2005 film, Gie.

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A pioneer in innovation
and community service

Universitas Indonesia’s internationalization strategy started with mutual collaboration with universities worldwide. Currently, the university maintains more than 240 partnerships with universities worldwide covering various models of cooperation, such as joint-degree, student exchange, short course programmes, internships, joint research, joint publication, joint supervision, and capacity building among other activities. Universitas Indonesia is also an active member of 15 international higher education consortiums and associations, which contributes to a stronger network for international mobility

Vision and Mission


  • To become a superior and competitive center of science, technology and culture, through efforts to educate the nation's life to improve people's welfare, thereby contributing to the development of Indonesian society and the world


  • Provide broad and equitable access, as well as quality education and teaching
  • Organizing quality and relevant Tridharma activities with national and global challenges
  • Creating graduates who are highly intellectual, virtuous and able to compete globally
  • Creating an academic climate that is able to support the realization of UI's vision

The most prestigious university in Indonesia




Cited documents

Being one of the oldest universities in Indonesia, Universitas Indonesia has a long-standing experience in academic, research and community engagement throughout the years of its establishment. Excellence research, publications, patents and innovations are enhanced through 65 research centers. The university puts resources in developing students’ creativity, talents and entrepreneurial skills, resulting in more than 30 tenants of business incubations at the university level

Information taken from a range of sources including Brunel University of London 

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University of Montreal

University of Montréal

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Deeply rooted in Montréal and dedicated to its international mission, University of Montréal (UdeM) is a leading research university.

With its affiliated schools, Polytechnique Montréal (engineering), and HEC Montreal (business), University of Montréal is one of the largest university complexes in North America.

Situated on the northwestern flank of Mount Royal, one of North America’s finest urban parks, University of Montréal proudly reflects the welcoming multicultural city after which it is named. One out of every four students at University of Montréal comes from outside Canada. Montréal is known for its cultural vitality, safety and low cost of living.

With its 14 faculties and its affiliated schools, University of Montréal has over 66,500 students and 2,400 professors and researchers.

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Montrealer by its roots,
international by vocation

The University of Montréal has a truly international environment. With 10,000 international students, the university was previously named Canada’s third most international university, by a Times Higher Education ranking.

The university encourages student mobility. It has some 600 agreements that link the University of Montréal to higher education establishments located in 65 countries which provide a range of opportunities for its students to collaborate with their peers from all over the world and study abroad.

University of Montréal is also part of the G3. The G3 is a group of three major French language universities: Université de GenèveUniversité de Montréal, and Université libre de Bruxelles.  G3 universities have created a common fund to help initiate new partnerships. The Strategic Project Development Program for Teaching and Research is one of the main vehicles for developing collaborations within the G3. The program is funded equally by all members of the group.

These universities have common interests and share similar goals in the areas of teaching, research, and service to society and the international community. The G3 aims to create innovative collaboration models in training, teaching, and research. It positions itself as a reference within the Francophonie.


The University of Montréal has three different faces

  • Proud Montrealer: Just like the city whose name it bears, the Université de Montréal is cosmopolitan, cultured, scientific and creative
  • International leader: The teaching of its professors, the rigor of its researchers and the results of its students allow UdeM to remain in the forefront of the best universities in the world year after year
  • Exemplary citizen: Committed, green and civic-minded, the entire Université de Montréal community takes sustainable actions for the city and for the inhabitants of the planet

One of the three foremost university research hubs in Canada


Research income


Research units

University of Montréal attracts over $500 million in research funding every year, making it one of the three foremost university research hubs in Canada.

Many renowned laboratories were born at University of Montréal, including: MILA, the world’s leading university research centre in deep learning; the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC), one of the most productive in its domain; and the Centre de recherche en droit public (CRDP), the most comprehensive public-law research centre in Canada.

The University’s scientific research is overseen by Vice-Rectorate of Research, Discovery, Creation and Innovation. They ensure the development of research initiatives and collaborations in the University’s three salient research areas: the humanities and social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics, and health and biomedical sciences.

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Balloons over University of Bristol

University of Bristol

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Ellie Cook
International PR & Events Manager | Communications & Marketing

University of Bristol is ranked within the top 10 universities in the UK and 62nd in the world (QS World University Rankings 2022); it is also ranked among the top five institutions in the UK for its research, according to analysis of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014*; and is the 3rd most targeted university by top UK employers.

The University was founded in 1876 and was granted its Royal Charter in 1909.  It was the first university in England to admit women on the same basis as men.

University of Bristol is a major force in the economic, social and cultural life of Bristol and the region, but is also a significant player on the world stage. It has over 20,000 undergraduates and over 7,000 postgraduate students from more than 150 countries, and its research links span the globe.

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An international community

The University of Bristol support and encourage international partnerships with academics from around the globe, encompassing all disciplines and striving to drive forward cutting-edge, excellent research through our collaborations.

It is this collaboration that the university believes turns world-leading research into world-changing results. They therefore work hand-in-hand with their partners around the globe: improving health, alleviating poverty, preparing for natural hazards, uncovering the impacts of wars and migration, driving technological innovation, and much, much more.

The university’s International Research Partnerships team works to support and develop these international partnerships by providing opportunities for world-leading researchers to visit and work with their own accomplished academics, bringing together great minds and visionary ideas.

As of January 2020, over 450 Benjamin Meaker Distinguished Visiting Professors (BMDVPs) had visited the University of Bristol. Representing 49 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America these eminent researchers partnered with University of Bristol hosts to explore a wide variety of topics.

The University of Bristol has 40 world-leading partner universities. Students from our partner universities across the globe are able to transfer their study to Bristol.


  • Our mission is to make a positive impact locally, nationally and globally by addressing society’s greatest challenges through our distinctive education, innovative research and the value we place on excellence, inclusivity and partnership

A top 10 UK university


won in research income from competitively won grants


Growth in student numbers in 2020/2021

The University of Bristol is at the cutting edge of global research. They have made innovations in areas ranging from cot death prevention to nanotechnology.

The University’s reputation for innovation dates back to its founding in 1876. Their research tackles some of the world’s most pressing and important issues in areas as diverse as infection and immunity, human rights, climate change, and cryptography, and information security.

The University currently has 40 Fellows of the Royal Society and 13 of the British Academy.

According to the Research Excellence Framework, 36% of the University’s research received the top 4* rating, defined by HEFCE as ‘world leading’. This is six percent above the sector average and twice the level the University achieved in the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) 2008, placing Bristol 10th in the Russell Group.

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The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Laurie Pearcey The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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Laurie Pearcey
Associate Vice-President (External Engagement & Outreach)

Laurie Pearcey commenced his appointment at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in September 2021. Laurie is responsible for expanding CUHK’s external reputation and profile with media, public policy makers, industry partners, future students and alumni locally, nationally and overseas.

Prior to his appointment at CUHK, Laurie was Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) at the University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney) and served as Chief Executive Officer of Australia’s oldest pathways education provider, UNSW Global Pty Ltd. Before joining higher education, he was Chief Executive Officer of the Australia China Business Council. Laurie is a fluent Mandarin speaker and is learning Cantonese.

Laurie is a non-executive director of UCAS International in the United Kingdom.

Founded in 1963, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is a forward-looking comprehensive research university with a global vision and a unique mission to combine tradition with modernity, and to bring together China and the West.

CUHK offers Hong Kong’s only collegiate system which provides students with an enriching experience to supplement their education provided by the University’s eight Faculties.

CUHK has a proud heritage of outstanding research addressing some of humanity’s major challenges with four areas of research focus spanning China studies, innovative biomedicine, information, and automation technologies, as well as environment and sustainability.

Its major research breakthroughs include liquid biopsy in prenatal testing and early cancer detection, biotechnological improvements in soybeans, molecular analysis for cancer and metabolic disease detection and treatment, drug development for rare neurodegenerative disease, network coding theory that has revolutionised data transmission and network applications, as well as artificial intelligence and robotics solutions for smart cities and biomedicine.

CUHK was the first Hong Kong university to establish a campus in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area with its Shenzhen campus formally opening its doors in 2014.

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A bridge between
China and the West

CUHK responds to the fast-changing world by enhancing its reputation, presence, relevance, and impact globally as well as embracing cultural diversity and full inclusiveness. This is demonstrated in its efforts in teaching, research, and global engagement.

In a short span of 58 years, CUHK has become a leading institution of higher learning known internationally for its dedication to education, impactful research, and global engagement.

The rapid growth of China has created an abundance of opportunities for development in higher education and collaboration between the mainland and Hong Kong universities. During the past few years, CUHK has strengthened its presence in Shenzhen and collaborations with mainland institutions, capitalizing on opportunities arising from the Greater Bay Area (GBA) Development Plan and the Belt and Road (B&R) Initiative.

Global engagement will continue to be a major focus of the University under ‘CUHK 2025’. The grand challenges facing the world require global collaboration. The jobs of the future will not be confined by borders.

Internationalization and engagement of mainland China will continue to be a priority in the University’s pursuit of excellence with purpose and responsibility.

Mission and vision

  • Mission: To assist in the preservation, creation, application and dissemination of knowledge by teaching, research and public service in a comprehensive range of disciplines, thereby serving the needs and enhancing the well-being of the citizens of Hong Kong, China as a whole, and the wider world community.
  • Vision: To be acknowledged locally, nationally and internationally as a first-class comprehensive research university whose bilingual and multicultural dimensions of student education, scholarly output and contribution to the community consistently meet standards of excellence.

From discovery to innovation


Total research output items


Total research funding in 2021

Research lies at the heart of the vision and mission of CUHK. A champion of research and innovation that create value and bring benefits to society, CUHK is recognized today as a leading research university in Asia and among the best in the world. In the coming five years, CUHK will focus on integrating research, innovation and enterprise into a dynamic and productive continuum, a superhighway that enables the translation of research into tangible benefits and the delivery of innovation to the world.

With a clear and pronounced emphasis on interdisciplinary research that crosses the boundaries of individual academic units, the University seeks to optimize opportunities to generate impactful outcomes.

CUHK’s research strategies aim to realize its vision as a centre of excellence for developing cutting-edge research and emerging interdisciplinary strengths that have global impact and significant contributions to society, through translating research findings into practical applications. Riding on our current research strengths, four major research areas have been identified in the CUHK Strategic Plan 2021–2025:

  • Strategic Area 1 — China: Tradition and Modernity
  • Strategic Area 2 — Innovative Biomedicine
  • Strategic Area 3 — Information and Automation Technology
  • Strategic Area 4 — Environment and Sustainability

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Eindhoven University of Technology

W100 Representative

Drs. W.J.H.M. (Maarten) van den Dungen
Head of Education Marketing

Eindhoven University of Technology

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is a young university, founded in 1956 by industry, local government and academia. Today, their spirit of collaboration is still at the heart of the university community.

TU/e is a research-driven university of international standing, where excellent research and excellent education go hand in hand. The university focuses on a balanced approach towards education, research, and valorization of knowledge in the areas of engineering science and technology.

The university educates students and advances knowledge in science & technology for the benefit of humanity. It integrates education and research to enable its students and scientists to become thought leaders and to design and achieve the unimaginable. In close collaboration with its public and private partners, Eindhoven translates its basic research into meaningful solutions.

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International and

Eindhoven University of Technology knows that diversity is a strength. That is it creates a diverse, multicultural community on campus, with a growing number of international students and staff from countries around the world. Conversely, the university also encourages its students to do coursework or an internship abroad.

TU/e invests in knowledge exchange and partnerships with important international universities and institutes. It is also a member of a number of important networks, aimed at exchanging knowledge and best practices in research and education.

These connections also make it much easier for TU/e students to take courses or do an internship at one of these universities and institutes.

Eindhoven University of Technology’s partners includes National University of Singapore, KU Leuven, North Eastern University, Johannes Keppler Universitat, Zhejiang University, Technical University of Denmark, Jiao Tong University, amongst others.

Mission and Values

The mission of TU/e is to educate students and to advance knowledge in science and technology for the benefit of humanity. Through excellence in research and education, TU/e strives to make a positive impact on society and on sustainability on a global scale.

4 core values represent TU/e stand for:

  • Personal: We stand for our people. We take care of each other and believe in personal attention. Our small community embraces all and thrives on collaboration and regard for others
  • Open - We are an open and welcoming community. We believe in open science and doing our part in
    solving societal challenges.
  • Engaged - We stand for the future. We play our part in creating a sustainable world, leading by example. We engage with others, both inside and outside the Brainport region: we are a partner to rely on
  • Curious - We give room to talent and cherish scientific curiosity and creativity

Scientific curiosity with a hands-on mentality


of scientific publications created in collaboration with industry


of TU/e's revenue is contract research funding from different sources (private and public)

Established in the 1950’s, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) has always had strong values: optimism, collaboration and a dedication to society. These values helped Brainport Region Eindhoven flourish, and resulted in the university being ranked number 1 by Times Higher Education Ranking for collaboration with industry.

The university publications have high citation scores, consortia it is part of have won prestigious grants and its researchers receive scientific accolades on a regular basis. This distinguishing excellence is based on TU/e’s three-pillar strategy: attracting talent, using a multidisciplinary approach and providing a stimulating research environment.

Societal challenges on Health, Energy and Smart Mobility are the driving force for TU/e research. The university’s research institutes, Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute (EAISI), Eindhoven Institute for Renewable Energy Systems (EIRES), Institute for Complex Molecular Systems (ICMS) and the Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute (EHCI) combine the strengths of the university with industry needs and government strategy. TU/e researchers play an important role in new products and companies in the Brainport area and all over the world.

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Glasgow Caledonian University

Glasgow Caledonian University

W100 Representative

Claire Hulsen
Director of Strategy and Planning

Claire Hulsen is the Director of Strategy and Planning at Glasgow Caledonian University, leading an integrated service covering planning, business intelligence and data analytics, student and graduate surveys, portfolio development and market insight functions for the University. In addition, she leads on key policy and accountability matters with the Scottish Funding Council and has contributed to national policy developments including in the area of health education planning and the OfS NSS Review.

With 20 years experience working in higher education, Claire has expertise in strategy development, implementation and monitoring, and has a clear focus on institutional profile, positioning and impact. Her team has had responsibility for submissions to the THE Impact Rankings since its establishment, resulting in an outstanding performance for the University in the UK and global context.

Claire was previously Executive Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor of Glasgow Caledonian University. Prior to joining GCU, she worked at Universities Scotland, the Scottish arm of Universities UK, and the National University of Ireland (UCD).

Glasgow Caledonian University is a distinctive, inclusive, and forward-looking university that is committed to its social mission to promote the common good. It has become an international centre of excellence in higher education, promoting employability and global citizenship in its graduates. The university won awards for its support and commitment to the student experience, whilst delivering innovation through its world-class research in key areas of strength. Glasgow Caledonian University has a tradition of widening access to higher education for talented individuals regardless of their backgrounds and leverage their intellectual and social capital for the benefit of the communities they serve in Scotland and internationally.

Glasgow Caledonian University has become one of the largest universities in Scotland with nearly 17,000 students. The campus is self–contained and situated right in the heart of the lively city of Glasgow. The University is made up of three academic schools – School of Health and Life Sciences, Glasgow School for Business and Society, and School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment.

Glasgow Caledonian University has a well-established reputation for providing high-quality teaching, learning, and research which dates back throughout its founding institutions to 1875.

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Globally networked

Glasgow Caledonian’s excellent international reputation stems not only from its award-winning support for international students at the university but also from its work with its many partners around the world. The International Partnerships Office coordinates and facilitates the University’s work with international partners.

With campuses in Glasgow and London and New York, and partners in Oman, Bangladesh, and Africa, GCU is extending its global impact and engaging in new ways with learners and communities.

Mission and Vision

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) is the University for the Common Good. Its mission as the University for the Common Good draws on its rich history and founding purpose for the Common Weal as incorporated in our Coat of Arms.

GCU’s ambitious Vision is that, by 2030, Glasgow Caledonian University will be recognized as a world-leading University for social innovation. The Sustainable Development Goals, a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity, provide the guiding framework for delivery of our Strategy 2030.

Innovating for social
and economic impact


worth of economic and social benefit generated for the UK economy every year


the UK for world-leading social work and social policy impact (REF 2014)

Glasgow Caledonian University’s world-leading and internationally excellent research address societal challenges to help people to build inclusive societies and lead healthy lives in sustainable environments.

Glasgow Caledonian University was the first university to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the framework for its research strategy. Research at GCU addresses the Goals via proposed three societal challenges (i) Inclusive Societies (ii) Healthy Lives (iii) Sustainable Environments- each underpinned by the University-approved research centres and a set of less-formal and fluid research groups.

To address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), GCU has approved a number of thematic inter-disciplinary research centres, underpinned by an inter-sectoral approach to addressing these challenges locally and internationally.

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Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University

Alice Aiken Dalhousie University

W100 Representative

Dr. Alice Aiken
Vice-President, Research & Innovation

Dr. Alice Aiken is the Vice-President Research & Innovation at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. She is an active researcher focused on health systems transformation and evidence-informed policy-making. Dr. Aiken is currently the Vice-Chair of the Governing Council of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and chairs the board of Research Nova Scotia. She is elected to the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists of the Royal Society of Canada.

She was formerly the Dean of the Faculty of Health at Dalhousie. She is a co-founder and the former Scientific Director of the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research, a unique consortium of over 41 Canadian and 7 international universities dedicated to researching the health needs of military personnel, Veterans and their families.

She received her PhD and Master from Queen’s University, Canada, her Physical Therapy degree from Dalhousie University, and a BSc in Kinesiology from the University of Ottawa. She also proudly served in the Canadian Armed Forces for 14 years, first as a ship’s navigator in the Royal Canadian Navy, then as a physiotherapist.

She is currently the Honorary Captain(Navy) for Canadian Forces Health Services Atlantic, and a Dame of the Order of St George. For her commitment to the health and well-being of military personnel, Veterans, and their families, she has received the Canadian Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, and the Chapel of the Four Chaplains Legion of Honor Bronze Medallion (USA).

dalhousie university logo

Dalhousie University is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia which is ranked one of the friendliest cities in the world. Founded in 1818, Dalhousie is one of Canada’s oldest universities, attracting more than 20,000 students from around the world. They make a lasting impact by blending transformative academic programs with pioneering research on Canada’s East Coast.

Dalhousie University is located in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq.

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Thinking and
acting globally

Dalhousie’s global connections enhance the quality and impact of education and research at local, national, and international levels. The university’s international strategy is built on cooperation and partnerships to support learning and research that is interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, global in reach, and oriented toward solving problems that extend across national borders.

Key areas of internationalization include:

The university has over 300 partnership agreements with universities from 67 countries. The Office of International Relations helps oversee the implementation of the international strategy and coordinates partnership agreements, visiting delegations, and visits abroad.

Vision and Values

Dalhousie inspires the diverse community to serve Nova Scotia, Canada, and the world through innovative and impactful teaching and research, world-class scholarship, a passion for learning, and a deep sense of social responsibility

  • Academic freedom
  • Commitment to excellence in teaching, research and service
  • Equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility
  • Future-ready leaders
  • Impactful community engagement
  • Social responsibility and sustainability
  • Wellness, accessibility, respect and support

Excellence in academics, leadership, research and innovation


Awarded annually in external research grants and awards


of faculty have a PhD or doctorate

Dalhousie has a rich history of excellence in research and innovation. Their researchers are recognized through the institution, across the province, the country, and on the global stage for their many achievements.

What are Dalhousie’s research strengths? Their research efforts focus on five Signature Research Clusters and are informed by two cross-cutting themes, Big Data and Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Dalhousie combines the prestige of a big-name university with a hands-on, collaborative education — all students have access to experiential learning opportunities in their programs and nearly 90% are taking advantage of it.

Dalhousie has received a five-star rating overall, and specifically in Teaching, Employability, Learning Environment, and Innovation, from QS Stars, one of the top global university rating systems.

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Queensland University of Technology

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Xavier Amouroux, Queensland University of Technology

W100 Representative

Xavier Amouroux
Executive Director, Marketing and Communication

Xavier Amouroux joined the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia, in 2017 as Associate Director, Digital Marketing.

In 2019, Xavier became Executive Director, Marketing and Communication. Xavier is responsible for leading an integrated department covering Domestic and International Student Recruitment, Media Relations and Internal Communications, Brand and Digital Marketing.

Since end 2020, supporting the university’s strategic plan, he oversees the centralization of brand, marketing, communication and student recruitment across several teams of marketing and communications professionals.

Senior marketing leader, Xavier has 20 years’ experience developing successful marketing and communication strategies in Australia and Europe. He has experience in both private and public sectors across higher education, governmental organisations, and financial services.

Previously, he was the Head of Brand and Digital Communications for Credit Agricole Group. Based in Paris, he worked across several financial markets in Europe. He had the supervision of a portfolio of major banking brands (Credit Agricole, BforBank, LCL).

In 2009, Xavier developed the branding and launch of a new fully online bank, BforBank, designed as the first premium online bank in France. He was then responsible for customer acquisition marketing.

Formerly, he worked with the French Department of Foreign Affairs as Commercial Attache for the French Embassy in Denmark (Copenhagen).

Holding dual citizenship, Australian and French, Xavier graduated with an Executive Master’s degree in Marketing Management from ESSEC Business School in Paris and a BA in Communications and Political Science from the University of Warwick (UK) and the University of Bordeaux (France).

QUT is a major Australian university with a global reputation and a ‘real world’ focus. Their courses equip students and graduates with the skills they need for the world of today and tomorrow. They are an ambitious institution, with a rapidly growing research output focused on technology and innovation. The Times Higher Education 2020 ranked QUT in the top 180 universities in the world and the best young university in Australia.

The university’s strategic plan, Blueprint 6, establishes QUT as ‘the university for the real world’, and charts our provision of transformative education and research that is relevant to our communities.

With approximately 50,000 students, QUT places a premium on the national and international accreditation of our professional degrees. They are transforming the learning experience and embed work-integrated learning in courses and have a strong focus on developing entrepreneurial skills. They offer academic programs in fields spanning business, creative industries, education, engineering, health, law, science, and social justice across five faculties.

The Latest from Queensland University of Technology

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A real-world

The Brisbane campuses of QUT are situated on the land of the Turrbal and Yugara people. As thought leaders in the wider Australian community, QUT know it is beyond time to properly attend to the Indigenous context. Their ‘Blueprint’ has a strong focus on ensuring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices are heard, through increasing the Indigenous Australian staff and research focus and further developing Indigenous Australian researchers. It is also committed to increasing the indigenous student intake and providing dedicated support to Indigenous students.

As well as their indigenous commitment the university also offers a more global outlook. QUT partners with over 200 top universities in 43 countries around the world and is home to over 9,000 international students.

QUT Business School’s agreement with the MIT Sloan School of Management is a strategic collaboration that provides our students and staff with multiple advantages including academic exchange, an immersion program for MBA and EMBA students while access to MIT’s global entrepreneurial networks enhances our entrepreneurship program.

Purpose & Priorities

  • Purpose: To provide transformative education and research relevant to our communities
  • Priorities:
    • Aspiration & Inclusion
    • Creativity and Entrepreneurship
    • Digital Transformation & Technology
    • Health & Wellbeing
    • Indigenous Australian Engagement, Success, and Empowerment
    • Professional Engagement & Ethical Leadership
    • Sustainability & The Environment

Ranked 1st in Australia for Media and Communications (QS)


Total research income in 2019


Research outputs in 2019

QUT has been named one of the fastest rising universities in the world, and top in Australia, for scientific research in the 2019’s Nature Index of high-quality research outputs

QUT’s vision is to be the university for the real world and Blueprint 6 (their strategy for the future) outlines their ambitions to provide research relevant to their communities.

The university will:

  • prioritise partnerships and the quality of their research outputs to enhance their reputation, relevance, and impact
  • facilitate co-creation and co-authorship, and focus on the real-world difference their research can make
  • ensure their research outputs remain trusted and respected by upholding the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

With the support of their executive leadership, the university is ensuring that women in science, technology, engineering, maths, and medicine (STEMM) receive every opportunity to succeed.

QUT are also dedicated to sponsoring increased Indigenous research participation among their research students and academics.

At the university’s Kelvin Grove campus, the Creative Industries Precinct provides outstanding studio spaces for the performance disciplines while the Education Precinct demonstrates QUT’s commitment to technology and the digital world.

Well known for their strong links to industry and government, the high impact of QUT’s research which involves multidisciplinary teams can be seen across areas as diverse as climate change mitigation, digital media, materials science, and biomedical innovation.

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University of Aberdeen

University of Aberdeen

W100 Representative

University of Aberdeen

Since 1495, the University of Aberdeen has been open to all and dedicated to the pursuit of truth in the service of others. We still have that purpose; it defines our actions and underpins our ethos. We have been at the forefront of teaching, learning, and discovery for over 500 years, sending out pioneers and ideas across the world. Established with international connections to serve the northeast of Scotland, our university is a global presence in higher education. We continue to pursue our foundational purpose through excellence in our core activities of education and research, which transform the world around us.

The Latest from University of Aberdeen

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A Scottish university with
international connections

The University of Aberdeen was founded with international connections and we remain open to people and ideas from around the world. We continue to extend our networks and partnerships globally and we’re proud to be part of the Aurora network of Universities, tackling societal challenges facing the world today. We are the first UK University to operate a dedicated campus in Qatar thanks to our unique partnership with AFG College.

We consistently rank highly for global outlook and the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings 2021 listed us in the top 60 universities in the world in terms of positive impact on society. These rankings recognise universities for their social and economic impact under the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and we feature in the global top 50 for 6 out of 17 goals.

Mission and vision

  • Inspiring career success for all through collaboration, innovation and professionalism
  • Exploring individuals’ career potential and enabling them to make informed career choices through flexible, approachable and effective careers education, information and guidance
  • Developing skills and attributes, confidence and experience through innovative co-curricular, work-related and educational activities
  • Connecting students, graduates and colleagues to regionally, nationally and globally  relevant organisations

Ranked in the top 20 of universities in the UK, and the top 180 in the World


journal articles from researchers in the past 5 years


growth in research grants in the four years

Throughout the centuries, our researchers have generated new insights in medicine, science and engineering, law, social sciences and arts and humanities. Their work has earned many honours and awards and has contributed to five Nobel prizes and over three-quarters of our research was classified ‘world leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’ in the 2014 REF.

The University of Aberdeen is a world-leading research institution renowned for innovation, collaboration and international reach. We continue to provide ground-breaking research with real impact on society in our five key interdisciplinary areas:

  • Energy Transition
  • Social Inclusion and Cultural Diversity
  • Environment and Biodiversity
  • Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Health, Nutrition and Wellbeing

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Kyushu University

Kyushu University

Kazuo-Ogata-Kyushu University

W100 Representative

Kazuo Ogata
Senior Vice President for the Top Global University Project

Professor Ogata is Director of the SHARE Office at Kyushu University (Strategic Hub Area for top-global Research and Education). He is also Senior Vice President for the Top Global University Project – a Japanese governmental funding project that aims to enhance the international compatibility and competitiveness of higher education in Japan.

Kyushu University

Kyushu University was established as Japan’s fourth imperial university. The number of students currently totals about 18,619 (as of May, 2019) of which about 13% are international students, and its faculty boats roughly 2,074 full-time members.

As a comprehensive university, the university has 11 undergraduate schools, 19 graduate schools and 17 faculties spanning the field from natural science to humanities and social sciences.

The university is in the process of establishing a new campus, the Ito campus; its largest with a total of 275 hectares. The campus plan aims to make it the core of an academic research city, based on industrial, governmental, and academic cooperation. It will be completed in three years’ time. It is located in a stunning location, easy access to the vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Fukuoka, with the nearby sea, mountains and forests of the region offering ample opportunities to enjoy beautiful natural surroundings.

The Latest from Kyushu University

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University for Universality


Kyushu has 11 foreign partner universities. Foreign partner universities referr to those institutions where our students can study abroad and take subjects or receive research supervision for up to one year while maintaining their enrollment status at Kyushu University.

Kyushu University recently was selected for inclusion in the Top Global University Project administered by MEXT. It is designated a Type A (superior) grantee, the category for universities conducting world-class education and research that have the potential to be counted among the World University Rankings first 100 institutions.

Based on a plan dubbed “Establishing the Strategic Hub Area for Top Global Research and Education, Kyushu University (SHARE-Q),” the University will seek to improve its governance and systems for promoting education, research and internationalization, taking full advantage of its distinctive strengths and characteristics to become, within the next 10 years, a globally leading center of academic productivity and excellence.

Mission and vision

  • Article 1: The Purpose of the Charter: Kyushu University proclaims this Charter of Education in order to contribute to achieving the goals of higher education and meeting the expectations of all people, both in Japan and abroad
  • Article 2: The Purpose of Education at Kyushu University: Through the education of individuals capable of leadership in a diverse range of fields in Japan and willing to assume an active role in the world, especially in Asia, Kyushu University aims at contributing to progress throughout the world.
  • Article 3: The Principle of Humanity
  • Article 4: The Principle of Social Responsibility
  • Article 5: The Principle of Global Citizenship
  • Article 6: The Principle of the Advancement of Knowledge
  • Article 7: The Principle of Unity
  • Read more about each here

Ranked 5th in the Japan University Rankings (THE)


Research citations (2020)


Funded research funding (2018)

Despite its strong teaching ethic, Kyushu is also an active research institution with over 12 billion Yen funded research from corporate partners and government.

Their centennial motto – “leading the field in the next 100 years, leaping into the world top 100” – underpins the university’s commitment to sustained educational and research advancement over the next century.

Its alumni are noted in research fields; Hakaru Hashimoto, one of Kyushu’s first graduates, was a doctor whose research led to the discovery of a chronic thyroid disorder – chronic thyroiditis – which has become known as “Hashimoto’s disease”. Shozaburo Jimi, who graduated from Kyushu medical school in 1977, is a current Japanese politician. Ryukichi Inada, a pioneer in Japanese clinical medicine and the discoverer of the Weil’s disease pathogen, was a former professor at the institution.

(Copy taken from THE)

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University of wollongong

University of Wollongong

Emily Osborne Wollongong

W100 Representative

Emily Osborne
Director, Strategic Marketing & Communications

Emily is responsible for the vision and leadership in the development and implementation of marketing and communication strategies to advance the University’s reputation. This includes strategies to engage the University’s audiences for student recruitment, research and academic positioning, stakeholder support, and internal communication.

Emily also provides counsel to the University’s senior leadership team on strategic issues related to marketing and communications and works closely with senior administration, including Deans and Divisional Directors to ensure continuity and coordination of key strategic messages and strategies.

University of wollongong

Located just an hour and a half from Sydney, the University of Wollongong, Australia (UOW) boasts an impressive ranking of being among the best 20 modern universities in the world – as well as being placed in the top 250 of universities globally. It is home to over 35,000 students.

UOW has an excellent international reputation for teaching standards and has an exceptional record of getting graduates job-ready. In fact, UOW is ranks among the top 1% for graduate quality in QS World University Graduate Employers survey.

UOW welcomes almost 6000 international students each year to its campuses in Australia, and offers world-class education at its network of campuses and partners in the UAE, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China and Singapore.

The Latest from University of Wollongong

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A truly global university

UOW is an international network of campuses and regional learning centres. Together with our partners, we are a strong and connected presence in our communities, providing strategic opportunities for collaboration and innovation generation. 

We’ve developed key research partnerships and collaborations with universities, institutes, governments, industry and researchers across Australia and internationally to tackle some of the biggest issues facing the planet. 

From understanding and adapting to climate change, to confronting the medical challenges of our times, or helping the world nourish its growing population, our approach is based on the premise that solving the world’s problems is best done collectively. 

Strategy and Values

  • To inspire a better future through education, research, and partnership
  • Intellectual openness: We are driven and determined, yet collegial and ethical in all that we do. We are always looking to serve our communities and share our knowledge and expertise with them for mutual betterment.
  • Excellence and dedication: We work tirelessly to excel in our research and education, and to address complex, real-world problems in partnership with our communities
  • Empowerment and academic freedom: We celebrate the freedom to have different opinions and different ideas. We encourage the asking of difficult questions and the discovery of innovative solutions
  • Mutual respect and diversity: We aspire to set the standard for inclusiveness, diversity, and equity. We welcome – and benefit from – the diversity of our communities within Australia and internationally. We will continue to champion Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Reconciliation
  • Recognition and performance: We celebrate the hard work and dedication of our staff, and recognize and reward their achievements. We expect all our staff to meet the challenges of our changing world by seizing opportunities that deliver continuous improvement

Ranked in the top 1% of world universities


For research quality


HERDC research income received (2018)

To confront the challenges of a rapidly changing world, UOW research is focused on supporting the best intellectual and technical talent to force change for good. From next-gen materials engineering in medicine to social transformation over the lifecycle, our research is purposeful and positive. 

Australia (ERA) 2018 

90% of UOW disciplines that were assessed in the most recent ERA in 2018 were rated ‘At’, ‘Above’ or ‘Well above world standard’, based on results at the 4-digit FOR code level. 

More than 73% of assessed disciplines were rated as ‘Above’ or ‘Well above world standard’, based on results at the 4-digit FOR code level. 

The number of UOW disciplines rated as “Well above world standard” has more than tripled since 2012. 

Research and Engagement Impact (EI) 2018 

95% of UOW’s disciplines were rated as ‘High’ or ‘Medium’ for research impact. 

UOW ranked equal 7th out of 40 universities by number of ‘High’ and ‘Medium’ rated impact case studies and ranked equal 16th out of 40 universities by number of ‘High’ rated impact case studies. 

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McGill University

McGill University

Louis Arsenault - Vice-Principal (Communications and External Relations)

W100 Representative

Louis Arsenault
Vice-Principal (Communications and External Relations)

Louis Arseneault is Vice-Principal (Communications and External Relations) at McGill University since February 1, 2017. His expertise includes strategic communications and marketing, public affairs, economic development, government and media relations, as well as issues management. Mr. Arseneault came to McGill after 11 years with Montréal International, an economic development agency serving the Greater Montreal area, where he worked as Vice-President (Talent Attraction, Promotion and Communications). Prior to joining Montréal International, he worked as Senior Director of corporate communications at Bell Canada, and as Assistant Director of public affairs at CAA-Québec.

As Vice-Principal (Communications and External Relations), Mr. Arseneault is responsible for government relations, community engagement and the University’s overall communications, public affairs and marketing portfolio.

McGill University

McGill University is one of Canada’s best-known institutions of higher learning and one of the leading universities in the world. With students coming to McGill from over 150 countries, our student body is the most internationally diverse of any research-intensive university in the country. McGill is a public university, founded in 1821.

The Latest from McGill University

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Support and solidarity.
Made by strong communities.

McGill is recognized around the world for the excellence of its teaching and research programs. Ernest Rutherford’s Nobel Prize-winning research on the nature of radioactivity was conducted at McGill, part of a long tradition of innovation on our campuses that includes the invention of the artificial blood cell and Plexiglas. Today our professors are building the new field of epigenetics, developing alternative energy sources from crop plants, and driving human achievement in every field imaginable.

In addition to a stellar faculty, McGill is known for attracting the brightest students from across Canada, the United States, and around the world. McGill students have the highest average entering grades in Canada, and our commitment to fostering the very best has helped our students win more national and international awards on average than their peers at any other Canadian university. The prestigious Rhodes Scholarship has gone to a nation-leading 145 McGill students.

Mission and principles

  • MISSION: The mission of McGill University is the advancement of learning and the creation and dissemination of knowledge, by offering the best possible education, by carrying out research and scholarly activities judged to be excellent by the highest international standards, and by providing service to society.
  • PRINCIPLES: In fulfilling its mission, McGill University embraces the principles of academic freedom, integrity, responsibility, equity, and inclusiveness.

#1 in Canada among Medical-Doctoral Universities for 15 consecutive years


Canada Research Chairs allotted to McGill


Revenue from a total of  89  CLINICAL TRIALS in FY 2018-19

The combination of McGill and the research centres affiliated with the university creates a nexus of researchers, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows pursuing the next vital steps in every area of research imaginable.  

For close to two centuries, McGill University has attracted some of the world’s brightest researchers and young minds. Today, McGill remains dedicated to thetransformative power of ideasandresearch excellence as judged by the highest international standards. The Strategic Research Plan (SRP) expresses McGill’s commitments to fostering creativity; promoting innovation; problem solving through collaboration and partnership; promoting equity, diversity and inclusion; and serving society through seven identified Thematic Areas of Research Excellence. 

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