As COVID-19 continues to challenge every aspect of universities and life in general, we look at the second stage of our survey results from part 2 of our Taking the Temperature of COVID-19 webinar.The World 100 Reputation Network launched a monthly survey to shed light on the challenges for reputation leaders in a unique time and chart the journey as best we can.

Following on from our previous Taking the Temperature of COVID-19 webinar, which looked at the data collected in March, we hosted another webinar to look at the latest set of data.

In July 2020, Mark Sudbury spoke to higher education expert, Juan Manuel Mora García de Lomas, Vice President of Communications at the University of Navarra, discussing the latest survey findings and examine how 65 leading global universities, as well as University of Navarra, have managed reputation and stakeholders so far during the COVID-19 crisis.

About the Speakers

Juan Manuel Mora García de Lomas

Juan Manuel’s role at the University of Navarra is consists of directing internal and external communication, web development, branding and corporate publications. He is part of the committee on social responsibility, audit and reputation of the University.

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Webinar slides: Taking the Temperature of COVID-19 Part 2